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Hi, I'm a bit of a health nut and I've spent years researching and applying the best ways to take care of my body. I have beaten many health afflictions; weight issues, dry skin, Hypothyroidism and digestive troubles. And I've helped many others do the same. So join me on this health trip to see the latest tips that could help you!

                                                                             Good Juicing Great You!

Juicing is a popular way to get more fruits and vegetables. But, is it right for everyone or even, every day?

Juicing has 2 basic forms:

Simply crushing up the whole plant
Just the juice from the food
Both of these have several advantages and disadvantages.

Juicing is a good and easy way to incorporate extra vegetables and nutrients. There are very flavorful combinations. They are easy and portable. For people with some digestive problems, juicing can help increase the amount of foods taken in and digested. 

And, they are just trendy right now. Several companies have popped up offering a wide range of juices that offer everything from digestive cleansing to weight loss. Many of the companies do not have balanced juices so that all nutrients are biologically equivalent and are too high in sugars.

Juices also lack proper digestible properties. We are designed to chew our foods. The food we eat mixes with digestive enzymes and is broken down properly. By juicing, we remove those healthy properties, remove the enzymes. Many of the starches that are broken down by enzymes in the mouth and by the action of chewing are left whole and provide nothing for the body.

Don't be fooled by the claim juicing releases nutrients. In a lab, yes. In the body, where we require complimentary nutrients, enzymes, and acids, juicing stops many of those processes and locks up nutrients.

In fact, the clearer the juice, the less nutrients. Most nutrients are bound up in the fibers. By removing the pulp, or fibers, you remove many of the nutrients. Many juicers also require you remove the skins, where many nutrients reside.

When you use just the juice, you remove most of the nutrients (they were in the fibers) and get all the sugars. Some of the blenders and juicers cook the food, which is less than optimal. The rotating blades cause heat and heat cooks the juices.

If you treat juicing as a snack or a treat, juice all you want! It can be a fun and healthy way to get more fruits and vegetables. But, don't use juicing to lose weight, cleanse, or replace foods. Only working with a nutritionist to balance all of your nutrients will allow your body to use the juice effectively and you stay healthy.

For a short time, juicing is OK. It can be used therapeutically for a variety of issues. But, in the long term, it's not something anyone should be doing for health. Use juicing as a small treat, but not to replace food.

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